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Skin Disinfectant Spray

Skin Disinfectant Spray

Skin Disinfectant Spray

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MaiMed® MyClean A Skin antiseptic 250ml

For skin disinfection before simple injections and punctures of peripheral vessels. Also for skin disinfection before operations and punctures of the joints, as well as skin rich in sebaceous glands.

Alcohol-based skin disinfectant based on Ethanol for external use on the skin


suitable for: Skin

Filling quantity: 250 ml

Type: Liquid

Effectiveness: virucidal, bactericidal, levurocidal

Container: Spray

Property: alcoholic

Reduction of bacterial transient skin flora in 15 seconds

Disinfection of skin rich in sebaceous glands: 1 minute

Very well tolerated by the skin

Has a bactericidal (incl. MRSA), levurocidal and tuberculocidal effect

Virucidal effect according to EN 14476 (polio, adenoviruses, noroviruses); additional virucidal test according to RKI/DVV: BVDV (HCV), Rota, Vaccinia, SV40 viruses

Effective against Noro viruses in 15 seconds and corona viruses (SARS-CoV-2 + VOC) in 30 seconds

Tested according to the standard methods of DGHM/VAH and EN 1500/EN 12791



Ready-to-use solution for skin disinfection including skin rich in sebaceous glands.

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