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Hijama - Cupping Therapy  (Süleyman Gök)

Hijama - Cupping Therapy (Süleyman Gök)

Hijama - Cupping Therapy (Süleyman Gök)

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Number of pages: 159

Author: Suleyman Gök

Doubtless, hijama is the most perfect, most useful of tradational treatment methods.

We prepared this book to place this extremely useful treatment method to a more scientific setting, to help the professionals in this area to ground their practices on a more systematic foundation, and to give an idea of 'which diseases can be treated with hijama,' to the modern patient who is struggling with synthetic drugs.

We drew on local, foreign and Ottoman sources to prepare this book, and added our own ecperiences to mix.

This book is prepared though rigorous study and we hope that it will be a guide for you, our readers, and our hijama professional colleagues.

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